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Twenty Seven Weeks Update

We’ve officially made it down to the double digits! Twenty seven weeks along today and only 91 days to go – can’t believe it. This is also the last week of my second trimester and then the final trimester begins! It seems like so much has happened in the last few weeks that I don’t know where to start! I think a bullet point list would be the easiest way to organize this post.

• A Growing Belly: It’s starting to get a bit difficult to turn from side to side in bed, tie my shoes, sit up from a lying position, hug people, and bend over. My belly button is slowly making it’s way out and I can literally feel my skin stretching somedays. I told Josh the other day I’m at the point now where I feel like I’m actually carrying a baby in there. My belly doesn’t just feel bigger anymore but heavier, too. I can’t even imagine what it will be like when I’m nearing the forty week mark! Our bodies are seriously so amazing and accommodating. I’m constantly in awe of the entire process.

27 weeks maternity picture• A Busy Calendar: Our schedules are starting to fill up quickly with doctor’s appointments, chiropractor and massage appointments, prenatal yoga, and birthing classes. We start our first Confident Birthing class tonight, which is taught by our doula, and we are so looking forward to it. Speaking of our doula, I received my first prenatal massage from her and it was the best massage I’ve ever had! I felt like a million bucks the next day. My muscles were pretty sore for a couple days but I felt so great. I’m still enjoying my prenatal yoga class immensely. There are definitely nights where I whine about having to go but once I get there I’m happy I made myself and once the class is over I’m even happier. I feel great and am very proud of myself for doing something so good for me and our baby. It’s also been an awesome way to connect and chat with other pregnant women a couple times a week. And check out my disappearing toes below!! See what I mean about the growing part?!

prenatal yoga

• A New Symptom: I really don’t like referring to the things I’m experiencing as pregnancy symptoms but I don’t know what else to call them! A new one that just started today is dizziness and it has me a bit worried. I drink at least 3-4 liters of water every day so I don’t think it’s caused by dehydration. If it continues, I plan on calling my dr’s office and seeing what they think. It is definitely not fun, though.

• Wide Awake: I’m still getting veeeeery little sleep at night. My mind isn’t racing and my body feels tired but I just lie there awake for hours, tossing and turning, trying to get comfortable and fall asleep. Also not fun. A friend of mine let me borrow her pregnancy pillow, called a Snoogle, and I liked it for the first night (although I still didn’t fall asleep until 4am that night) but now after using it for a few nights I feel super claustrophobic almost when it’s around me. So, last night I went back to the regular body pillow and slept a little better but still not great. This is still, by far, my most frustrating pregnancy symptom.

• Some New Friends: We found out some exciting news over the last couple of weeks! Josh’s oldest brother and his wife are expecting their first baby due just 3.5 months after us! So Baby O will have a sweet little cousin joining the family soon after her. They live about four hours away from us but it will be so much to see them together during visits and holidays. We also found out that our good friends, who are due just two months or so after us, are having a girl! I’m so excited our little girl with have a little playmate so close to her in age! It’ll be so much fun.

• Date Nights: Josh and I are continuing our date nights and enjoyed dinner downtown with friends and a lot of game/movie nights. I love being married to him – we have so much fun together and are constantly laughing. The laugh attacks, though, are getting a little scary now that I’m this far along and have resulted in me darting into the bathroom a few times!

date night• New Movements: One of my favorite memories from this pregnancy occurred last week. Josh and I watched my stomach for a good half hour while lying in bed in total awe and fascination. Baby was moving around like crazy in there and it was the most we’ve actually been able to see the movements happening. It was like a fireworks show with a lot of OooOOOo’s and Aaaw’s. So beyond awesome to see. I’ve tried multiple times to record my stomach but I can’t seem to catch a good enough stretch of kicks and punches like that. I’ve also started feeling hiccups which is beyond adorable! I actually searched it on Google the first time I felt them because I didn’t know what it was! Those little rhythmic movements are just so cute.

• Preparations: We have our back up doula reserved now which is a big relief! Our doula will be leading a doula training/conference event here in town for a few days, as well as out of town for a few days, right around my due date. So, it’s pretty likely we will be in need of our back up doula. That is one big item we can cross off the to-do list now and I have full trust in who our doula recommended as our back up. I’ve also started doing the cat/cow stretch a couple times every day to try and help baby move into the correct position. Squats are another thing I’ve been practicing every day, especially the low ones I will be doing during labor. Stretching feels sooooo great lately and I look forward to my mini stretching sessions each day.

• Shelves!: We finally put up our Ikea Ribba picture ledges and they seemed to add so much to the room! I need to find some cute accessories for the shelves on the right and I know the baby books will come along soon to fill out the shelves on the left. I also finally designed the art to go in the frames above the dresser and plan on printing them in the next week or so. It’s so exciting to see everything come together!

Nursery Shelves

Overall, I’m feeling pretty great these days minus the sleep thing (and now the dizzy thing). We are down to just 13 weeks (more or less) and I just cannot wait to hold her close, see what she looks like, kiss her little cheeks, and become a family of three. We are very excited to become parents for the first time and experience a whole new world of firsts – together.


20 Week Ultrasound Video

A video compilation I made of our baby’s movements during the 20-week ultrasound.

This is love.

Every time I watch this (which is, of course, on repeat) my heart melts into a million tiny puddles.

Twenty Five Weeks Progress


I know I say it every post but I really cannot believe I am twenty five weeks already and we only have 15 weeks left or so until we get to meet our little miss. Between Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Year’s it’s been a pretty busy month since my last post, which has really helped time fly by. Here are some updates on my pregnancy and feelings throughout:

Oh, sleep, how I miss you: 

I am already subconsciously preparing for a newborn by getting accustomed to waking up multiple times in the middle of the night and being awake at the oddest of hours for (sometimes) hours on end. Of course, if I could choose to have it another way and be able to sleep soundly for eight hours I definitely would but this pregnancy insomnia just isn’t letting up. There are usually a couple nights a week I sleep pretty well but other nights I’m up 2-4 times thanks to my scrunched bladder and horrible hip pain that pillows just don’t seem to be helping. I’ve reached the point of pregnancy where sleeping on my back and stomach is just no longer an option so that leaves me tossing and turning between my left and right side every night, which is also getting more difficult to do with my growing belly. I can’t even imagine how sleep will be when I’m 30+ weeks! This is probably my number two pregnancy complaint with first-trimester morning sickness taking first.

Dance, Baby, Dance:

I’ve spoken with so many moms who tell me how much they loved being pregnant and I can tell you right now I am not going to be one of them! That probably sounds horrible and actually isn’t 100% true (there are times when I really do love it) but I just miss SO many things from my pre-pregnancy days and I have definitely had my fair share of annoying/painful symptoms versus a smooth “I-wouldn’t-know-I-was-pregnant-if-it-weren’t-for-the-ultrasounds” pregnancy. I will say, though, that I will definitely be one of the women who misses certain things like crazy about being pregnant and one of those will definitely be feeling my sweet baby move inside of me. It is absolutely something that you can’t understand unless you’ve experienced it. There are so many wonderful and lovely emotions rolled into those movements and they bring me constant joy and peace. I absolutely love experiencing them from the inside, feeling them from the outside, and being able to actually watch them now, too. And this baby is a mover! I feel her multiple times through out the day and it’s almost guaranteed she’ll start moving if I sit on our couch with my feet up on the coffee table. Usually around 11:00pm or so she starts dancing in there, too, and it cracks me up how on time she is every night! I will definitely miss that part so much.

DIY Projects:

The pillow for the glider is complete! I totally had to just create my own little tutorial for myself because the dimensions were completely different than the 18″x18″ square the original tutorial used. But it (magically) turned out perfect! It’s an envelope cover so I can slip it off and wash it during what I’m sure will be many spills and messes to come.

DIY Cloth Napkin Pillow Cover

I also finished lining the dresser drawers and have them all organized with pajamas and empty drawer organizers from Ikea. The rest will fill up in the next three months I’m sure!

Lined Dresser DrawersAnd we also ordered the 3-pack Skubb boxes from Ikea for the closet – yay for storage!

Nursery Closet OrganizationAnd we also hung curtains! I can’t believe how much of a difference they make. The room actually feels like a room now. We have cordless blackout pull-down shades on order so the curtains are more just for looks than anything else (excuse the not-so-great iPhone snapshot).
Curtains in Nursery


I spent a week or so researching baby items, reading reviews and ratings, and finally creating a registry. Mostly I was just shocked at how much we still need! So many things you don’t even think about… It was extremely overwhelming but so much fun at the same time. The baby shower invites went out early this week and the shower is scheduled for early February in just a month. Can’t wait to celebrate with some of my favorite women!

Prenatal Yoga:

I used to love yoga! I got out of the habit a year or so before my pregnancy and haven’t really done much over the last six months, either. Our local hospital where we are delivering offers prenatal yoga classes at a totally amazing price ($30/month for twice a week classes = $3.75 per session!). The best part about the class is they have it at a location that is just five minutes away and literally right down the hill from us. So convenient. I had my first class last night and loved every minute of it. I felt a bit awkward this being my first time back to yoga after such a long hiatus but I know after a couple classes it’ll feel so natural to me again. The instructor is fabulous and being in a room with only pregnant women is so freeing and comfortable. One of the women taking the class is due just one day after me! I’m really looking forward to continuing it until the end of my pregnancy and am so thrilled it’s twice a week. (Again, excuse the not-so-great iPhone snapshot…and Lucy).


Date Nights:

Josh and I definitely realize our lives are about to change in a wonderful and massive way. We are trying to get out and be spontaneous on a regular basis (oxymoron?). We’ve enjoyed some great date nights together – some out and about on the town and other times staying in where it’s cozy and warm for a movie. We know that the stability of our relationship and marriage will be so important to our children and it’s the little things as much as the big things that keep it strong.

Date Night

My brain just doesn’t work the same these days and it is seriously difficult to write even one blog post without sounding like a complete jumbled mess so that’s why my posts are now few and far between. I’m hoping this will clear up once the baby is born but from what I’ve heard it just transforms from pregnancy brain to mommy brain so we’ll see I guess! 15 weeks to go – can’t wait!

Baby’s Wardrobe | Twenty Three Weeks

Another item on my getreadyforbaby to-do list was to start purchasing clothing. From what I’ve heard and from what I’ve experienced as a nanny in college, babies are quite the outfit destroyers. Between spitup, leaks, blowouts, and stains, they go through a few outfit changes a day at least. I really don’t want to be doing the baby’s laundry three times a day so I figured the best way to avoid that was to stock up on clothing for our little miss.

My family/friends have graciously offered to throw me a baby shower and we are officially registered (whew, that was seriously quite the process!) but being that this is our first child, we are lacking most of the major essentials that I would rather receive than clothing for her. I figured one of the best and inexpensive ways to get her wardrobe ready was to shop secondhand. She’ll be outgrowing and staining her clothes so fast that this seemed the most practical to me. I would hate to have other people or myself spend tons of money on clothes that she may never even wear or ruin within the first five minutes of trying it on.

I am sosososo glad I decided to go shopping and see what I could find at a couple thrift stores. Holy cow. The clothes were adorable, stylish, practically new, brand names, and some of the items still had their original tags on! I purchased a total of 95 pieces for a little over $100. I “splurged” on a few pieces that were $2-3 but most of the items were $1 or under. I couldn’t believe it. After a wash cycle with Dreft (does anyone else loooove the scent of this stuff??), they literally seem like brand new clothes.

closetI decided to hang everything except pajamas and plain white onesies, which will go in the dresser. I figure it will be more fun and easier to mix and match outfits and also to see what I have vs. what I still need to buy. It’s funny how when you are pregnant with your first, these little bitty decisions like “closet vs. dresser” seem so completely crucial and important. I can’t explain it but I will admit I found myself researching the decision online and had a few dreams about closet organization.

I found some super awesome clothing size organizers on Etsy that I need to order. The top right is Newborn and 0-3 months, the bottom right is all 3-6 months, and the left is anything 6-12 months. I plan on having tupperware-type boxes ready to go to move things into storage as she grows. And I love the teal paint pop of color in the closet even more now! So fun. We have baskets on order for the closet shelves and that wicker hamper was only $15 on clearance at Home Goods (found a similar one at Cost Plus for $30!) so that was awesome.


The hardest part was keeping in mind the seasons/weather for each age group of clothing. I was literally counting from her due date on my fingers in the stores thinking, “Okay, at three months it will be the middle of summer.” I think I got everything pretty spot on, though, and our little girl will be ready for sun, rain, or snow.


I immediately got to washing, sorting, and hanging the clothes. It was so much fun and made me even more excited for her arrival! I found baby clothing hangers (white plastic) at Walmart for $1/pack of ten. Good deal! I also bought wooden clothes pins for $2/pack of 100 to hang the pants as a cheap alternative to pant hangers (which were $3 for three – yikes). They seem to work great!


I also bought some cute hats (most for 50 cents or under) and pairs of mittens to prevent scratches in those first few days/weeks.



A big discovery while shopping was I don’t think there is anything in this entire world cuter than baby pajamas other than a cute baby wearing baby pajamas, of course! Baby girl will be warm and cozy through her first year with all of the cute jammies I found.


I really wanted a good mix of colors (more than just pink – again avoiding the super girly-girl/diva/princess attitude from the beginning!) and styles for her to wear. Between onesies, dresses, leggings, jeans, sweaters, I think we’re pretty set. Other than a few gifts we’ve received and a couple outfits from TJ Maxx and Ross (and the very first outfit we bought her at Old Navy the day we found out we were having a girl), everything is secondhand but seriously, you wouldn’t even know it. I totally recommend shopping this way to all of the new parents out there. Here are a few cute combos I love. I think I’m going to have a ridiculously fun time dressing her every morning… and most likely, thanks to the bound-to-happen messes, every hour.



Eighteen Weeks and New Format

Wow, I think I might just officially be the most horribly inconsistent blogger ever… let’s hope our little one doesn’t take after me in the consistency department. Sheesh. After discovering this little fact about myself, it’s probably wise to change up the format of this blog and ask less of myself. I think I’ll just do an all-in-one update post every two weeks instead of breaking it down (and failing to keep up)! So, here’s my quick update and I will post the eighteen-week photo this weekend with our big gender reveal!

• Eighteen weeks today – finding out gender tomorrow – revealing gender this weekend (after we tell our families in person over Thanksgiving)!

We seriously cannot wait to be able to say “he” or “she” instead of “it” or “the baby.” We’ve been counting down for weeks and it’s finally here! Tomorrow morning we will know as long as baby cooperates for the ultrasound tech, of course.

• Feeling good minus being ridiculously tired the last few days, headaches off and on, and bad hip pain.

I think I’m coming down with a bug or at least fighting one off. Either that or it’s just part of pregnancy or the fact that I haven’t had an uninterrupted full-night of sleep in over a month. I also experienced the worst migraine of my life a few nights ago to the point that I had to lie down with an ice pack in a pitch black room without any noise and still cried myself to sleep. It was horrible and I’m not sure what the cause was but I woke up migraine-less the next morning. My hip pain has been steady and I’m hoping with regular chiropractic adjustments, massages, and yoga/stretching it will get better or at least not get any worse. Other than those three things, though, I am feeling pretty great!

• Had my first prenatal chiropractic appt. and plan to keep them up once per month.

One of our clients owns a chiropractic office with his wife and after researching information about prenatal adjustments and the benefits to mom and baby, I decided it’s something I definitely want to keep up with at least once a month through the rest of my pregnancy. I’m aiming for a natural birth so anything I can do to help with hip alignment, etc. is worth a shot in my book.

• Scheduled all of our birthing classes and signed up for prenatal yoga starting in January.

We signed up for our Confident Birthing Class and are so excited for it to start next year. We also signed up for various classes at the hospital we will be delivering at for newborn care, couples prenatal yoga, breastfeeding, etc. It’s going to be a busy few months of learning for us but we’re ready!

• I went to Motherhood Maternity last week and splurged a bit on some staples (jeans, sweaters, bras, etc.) and oh.my.gosh. I looooove my new maternity jeans… So much more comfortable.

• Still feeling little flutters very randomly… looking forward to the stronger more consistent movements.

I felt the first movements at 16 weeks after some excited and celebratory yelling and shouting on election night. I must have startled the baby because right after we got done celebrating I stopped, froze, placed my hand where I was feeling the movement, and started tearing up. It was amazing!! The movements are still very random to the point where I won’t feel anything for a day or two and I still have to be very in tune with my body at the time I’m feeling them or they would go unnoticed. So tiny but growing!

• Craving: Orange juice and oranges, milk, pasta, salads, ice cream, and anything and everything sour. Sour skittles anyone?

• Missing: Wine. Especially during this time of year. That aisle at the grocery store is torture. Oh, and melatonin and valerian root… it was so nice to be able to take something natural when I couldn’t sleep before but now I can’t even do that!

• Loving: My belly! I wondered my whole life what I would look like pregnant and I am so proud of my pregnant belly.

• (Not) Loving: The not sleeping well thing is getting pretty old but I figure it’s just life’s way of preparing me for motherhood.

So, there’s the update. I’m going to try to stay more on top of this blog as I’m also using it as my pregnancy journal but life is quickly becoming crazier and crazier with each day that passes. Our love for this little baby is growing each day, too, and we can’t believe we are halfway there to the meeting him/her! Happy Thanksgiving everyone – Enjoy the yummy food and your loved ones!