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Eighteen Weeks and New Format

Wow, I think I might just officially be the most horribly inconsistent blogger ever… let’s hope our little one doesn’t take after me in the consistency department. Sheesh. After discovering this little fact about myself, it’s probably wise to change up the format of this blog and ask less of myself. I think I’ll just do an all-in-one update post every two weeks instead of breaking it down (and failing to keep up)! So, here’s my quick update and I will post the eighteen-week photo this weekend with our big gender reveal!

• Eighteen weeks today – finding out gender tomorrow – revealing gender this weekend (after we tell our families in person over Thanksgiving)!

We seriously cannot wait to be able to say “he” or “she” instead of “it” or “the baby.” We’ve been counting down for weeks and it’s finally here! Tomorrow morning we will know as long as baby cooperates for the ultrasound tech, of course.

• Feeling good minus being ridiculously tired the last few days, headaches off and on, and bad hip pain.

I think I’m coming down with a bug or at least fighting one off. Either that or it’s just part of pregnancy or the fact that I haven’t had an uninterrupted full-night of sleep in over a month. I also experienced the worst migraine of my life a few nights ago to the point that I had to lie down with an ice pack in a pitch black room without any noise and still cried myself to sleep. It was horrible and I’m not sure what the cause was but I woke up migraine-less the next morning. My hip pain has been steady and I’m hoping with regular chiropractic adjustments, massages, and yoga/stretching it will get better or at least not get any worse. Other than those three things, though, I am feeling pretty great!

• Had my first prenatal chiropractic appt. and plan to keep them up once per month.

One of our clients owns a chiropractic office with his wife and after researching information about prenatal adjustments and the benefits to mom and baby, I decided it’s something I definitely want to keep up with at least once a month through the rest of my pregnancy. I’m aiming for a natural birth so anything I can do to help with hip alignment, etc. is worth a shot in my book.

• Scheduled all of our birthing classes and signed up for prenatal yoga starting in January.

We signed up for our Confident Birthing Class and are so excited for it to start next year. We also signed up for various classes at the hospital we will be delivering at for newborn care, couples prenatal yoga, breastfeeding, etc. It’s going to be a busy few months of learning for us but we’re ready!

• I went to Motherhood Maternity last week and splurged a bit on some staples (jeans, sweaters, bras, etc.) and I looooove my new maternity jeans… So much more comfortable.

• Still feeling little flutters very randomly… looking forward to the stronger more consistent movements.

I felt the first movements at 16 weeks after some excited and celebratory yelling and shouting on election night. I must have startled the baby because right after we got done celebrating I stopped, froze, placed my hand where I was feeling the movement, and started tearing up. It was amazing!! The movements are still very random to the point where I won’t feel anything for a day or two and I still have to be very in tune with my body at the time I’m feeling them or they would go unnoticed. So tiny but growing!

• Craving: Orange juice and oranges, milk, pasta, salads, ice cream, and anything and everything sour. Sour skittles anyone?

• Missing: Wine. Especially during this time of year. That aisle at the grocery store is torture. Oh, and melatonin and valerian root… it was so nice to be able to take something natural when I couldn’t sleep before but now I can’t even do that!

• Loving: My belly! I wondered my whole life what I would look like pregnant and I am so proud of my pregnant belly.

• (Not) Loving: The not sleeping well thing is getting pretty old but I figure it’s just life’s way of preparing me for motherhood.

So, there’s the update. I’m going to try to stay more on top of this blog as I’m also using it as my pregnancy journal but life is quickly becoming crazier and crazier with each day that passes. Our love for this little baby is growing each day, too, and we can’t believe we are halfway there to the meeting him/her! Happy Thanksgiving everyone – Enjoy the yummy food and your loved ones!